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BCOS 80x86 Hardware Limits

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1. Overview

Due to limitiation in the design of the operating system's code and the design of 80x86 hardware, there are various limits on what the operating system is able to support.

2. Limits

Table 1. Limits
Computers per cluster65536Messaging protocol
Number of NUMA domains65535Boot code (derived from limitation imposed by ACPI's "SLIT" table length)
CPUs per NUMA domainNone
Memory per NUMA domainNone
Devices per NUMA domainNone
Number of logical CPUs1048576Boot code
Number of coresNone
Number of physical chipsNone
Number of different types of CPUs12288Boot code
Processes per computer4294967295Messaging protocol
Threads per process65536Messaging protocol
Physical Address Space
Amount of memory4 PiB52-bit physical address size architectural limit for 80x86 CPUs
Number of areas in Physical Address Space Map12288Boot code
System Management BIOS tables181.625 MiBBoot code
MultiProcessor Specification table64 MiBBoot code
ACPI Specification tables256 MiBBoot code
Faulty RAM List File size1020 KiBBoot code
Boot Script size64 KiBBoot code
Boot Image size (decompressed)1 GiBBoot code
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