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1. Introduction

This log is intended to be used to track progress and (eventually) show release history. All entries in the log are in chronological order. All dates listed here are approximate only, mostly due to time zone differences (the dates reflect Central Australian Time and are subject to local daylight savings changes rather than being based on UTC, and sometimes things that were done very early in the morning may have been listed as being done the night before).

2. Year 2018

2.1. March 2018

2.2. February 2018

2.3. January 2018

3. Year 2017

3.1. December 2017

3.2. August 2017

3.3. July 2017

3.4. June 2017

3.5. May 2017

3.6. April 2017

3.7. March 2017

3.8. February 2017

4. Previous Work

Some work was done in previous versions of the BCOS project, before this log was started (before the 4st of February, 2017).

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